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Production Introduction
Our Rock Saws run an ultra-high torque, low RPM radial piston motor with direct drive provided through the main motor shaft. This system ensures maximum torque is available at very low RPM, and there are minimal frictional losses due to the lack of any gear, chain or belt drive systems. This design ensures the maximum output of the hydraulic motor is available where it counts, at the cutting tip of the blade. Together with our patented Carbide Tip Holder system, this ensures you can achieve maximum output and superior performance in excavation and extraction of hard stone blocks.
1、The compact size of the machine case of the diamond tipped rock saws gives the maximum cutting depth from the blade. Often, this means that a smaller blade can be used. This reduces the cost of consumable parts (small blades are cheaper than large blades) and makes handling and use of the rock saw easier.
2、The fast blade rotation of the diamond rock saws maximises cutting efficiency, lowering cutting costs and increasing overall productivity.
3、The diamond saws come with high quality blades and cutting stones, to provide long life for your blade.
4、The rotating stand allows easy gripping of the rock saw for alternate side cutting. With the rotating stand, there is no need to travel around the saw with the excavator.
5、simple installation, maintenance and economic, to the construction
of your problems with the construction of new methods and new era  
of great pleasure and strong cutting force.
6、high power, high efficiency, convenient installation, water cooling
can be directly mounted on the excavator.

  1. Cutting along a boundary wall
  2. Excavations for footings, basements, lift shafts
  3. Hard materials quarry: such as granite, limestone
  4. tight access excavation


  1. additional head brackets to suit any excavator
  2. Cutting Optimiser for dramatic improvement of productivity
  3. rails for cutting at all angles
  4. adjustable offset extensions - fixed length or hydraulic


Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:BOX
Delivery Detail:Shipped in 5 days after payment.
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