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Our stringing blocks(conductor pulleys)are widely used in overhead power line construction.
We are the leading & specialized manufacture of Transmission Line Stringing Equipment & Tools in China.We could manufacture variety of cable stringing pulley block/stringing blocks/conductor pulley block/MC nylon pulley block/tackle professionally,and including the large diameter stringing blocks;wire-pressed pulley;grounding pulley;skyward wire-released pulley;high speed steering pulley;surmounting wire-released pulley;cross pulley;pulley for optical cable;pulley for wire-dividing.

1) It could use for releasing large diameter conductors,like ACSR 350--500KV voltage line in transmission line.
2) Very wear-resistant.

1. It is used to release the wire in the overhead transmission line.It can be used for single conductor,double split wire,four split wire,six split and so on. If the pulley has multiple wheel, the intermediate wheel can use cast steel wheel ,it also can use MC Nylon Wheel.
Large Diameter Stringing Pulley Block 830mm is used to release the wire in the overhead transmission line.
2. And it can be used for single conductor, double split wire, four split wire, six split wire and so on.
3. Used for buiding on stilts to stretch to put conducting line in the power transmission wire ways is more available than an single split conducting line,double split conducting line,four split conducting line,six split conducting line etc.

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Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: Wooden Case,Carton Case,Carton Case with Tray for Five Rounds Conductor Stringing Blocks
Delivery Detail: 5 working days base on quantity for Five Rounds Conductor String

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