Cable Block

Single Sheave Stringing Block

The stringing block is used for stringing overhead earth wires. The sheave is made of high strength steel or MC nylon.

Stringing Block for Insulated lines on poles or against walls

Universal Stringing Block

Item number :18695
Rated load (kN):10
Sheave diameter(mm):Φ178×76
Notes: It is a versatile block ,it either used in the head of insulator string ,or
fixed on the caliper of crossarm .
Applicable crossarm width of caliper (mm):99~175
Caliper weight(kg):1.6

Universal Hook Style Pulley Block

Suit for middle and small section wire expand.About to hang pay-off pulley, also can be face to pay-off pulley.
1.sheave:Nylon/ Al;
2.Material quality:stainless
3.Rated load:0.5Ton,1Ton;2Ton

Crossarm –Mounted Stringing Block

Bunch Conductor Block

Item number :186586
Rated load :2kN
Blockdimension : Φ115×120mm
Uses:Suitable for ABC cable (bunch)

Cable Replacement Pulley

uses :suitable for exchanging overhead earthwire with OPGW operation

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