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Cable feeder pushes the cable in the cable duct which reduces the tension on the cable as well as reducing the need of pulling force of the cable winch. The feeder should be put before a bend in the cable duct.A caterpillar-band transports the cable, the belt is made of a steel chain with special vulcanised rubber cushions To drive the feeder we recommend some of driving units: 4-stroke petrol engine, hydraulic engine , electrical engine, all with forward and reverse drive. Standard Speed is 7m/min,we can also provide 10m/min,and 20m/min.


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The cable passes over two pairs of tapered pulleys, which are driven by electric or hydraulic motor. Two counter pulleys press the cable into the grooves of the two driving pulleys, thus ensuring adequate friction. For effective power transmission the tapered driving pulleys are consisting of a special, highly elastic, tough and wear-resistant rubber material with a high coefficient of friction.
The gap between the tapered pulleys can be varied, so that cable and tubes of 30mm to 180 mm in diameter and three single lead 20 KV cables in one strand can be pushed. After the cable has been laid in place, the press-on unit can be removed and the cable taken out and put aside. Owing to its compact design the cable pusher may be used in any cable trench or pit.
The cable pusher is driven by an electric motor. By means of appropriate power distributors, several cable pushers may be operated in parallel.
Cable Pusher HTSSL-1 used for laying 110 KV cable in an industrial site. Where the passage is free, cable pulling may be continued by means of a cable-pulling winch, which draws the cable direct on to the cable holding shelves.


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