Digger Derricks

Encountered in electric power construction complex construction environment, common crane is inaccessible, such as paddy field, roadway and the terrain or ordinary crane with functional limit can not enter the construction site, according to customer requirements, our factory produced tractor crane, can solve the above problems.

Digger Derricks

Tractor Digger Derricks

Tractor has good cross-country performance, powerful, widely application, etc, the clever use of hoisting machine can be luffing boom, scale, the performance of the rotary, full-hydraulic operation, safe and reliable, the machine has five supporting legs can automatic telescopic supporting, lifting can adjust automatically according to the drilling depth. Tractor hoist can be assembled on John Deere, lovol, NEW HOLLAND, and other brands of four-wheel tractor. The equipment has independent drill hydraulic system, which can realize hole and post operation in one.
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Digger Derricks

Dig holes, hoist and set utility poles, and lift other materials with our versatile digger derricks. Choose from sheave heights up to 95 ft and winch capacities of up to 50,000 lbs, mounted on your specified chassis platform.

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