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Production Introduction
1.Operated by any double-acting hydraulic pump with rated oil pressure of 700 bar (10,000 psi).
2.Functional handles for easy carrying and re positioning.
3.Removable die cap for easy connector positioning.
4.Ram retracts hydraulically; the ram retracting time is 1/3 of spring return.
5.Compression head is designed as a portable tool for installing compression sleeves and terminals for transmission construction and/ or maintenance work.

1.Crimp Overhead line strain clamps and splicing sleeves for 500kV and underground cable sleeve for 220kV
2.Double action hydraulic cylinder makes piston reset in short time
3.Double action hydraulic cylinder can avoid slow retraction by spring
4.Quick coupler for easy disassembly
5.Powered by double acting hydraulic pump

1.Force Split Hydraulic Crimping Tool is applied to the project of transmission and distribution room in inside and outside. such as professional use for all kinds of connection hardware or overhead cable.
2.10KV/500KV high voltage cable casing, clamp bare terminal, six angle type die casting, tight and not easy to fall off, good electrical conductivity;
3.Continue the development of T64 titanium alloy materials, in order to reduce weight construction.Welcome Compression mould ordered


Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Steel case
Delivery Detail:2-4 weeks

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