Wire Rope Grip

With delicate smooth clamp mouth,.minimal harm to wires.
Using forging alloy steel
Clip claw sharp,clip power strong
CLamp mouth with latch insurance device,don’t jump line
After special heat treatment,strong resistance to tension,meshing degree is high,.not easy slippage deformation.
Material:4140 high strength forging alloy steel
Load range:0.5T-3T
Structure:Hear treatment temperature treatment(Quenching and tempering)
Appearance:zinc plating color
Safety coefficient:4:1

Come along clamps

Come along clamps for St and Cu ropes with long parallel clamping jaws made of height quality steel. Jaws hardened.

Anti-Twisting  Rope Grip

The self gripping clamps can be use to anchor and to string conductor (aluminum, ACSR, copper...) and steel rope. The body is made of high strength hot forged steel or Aluminum, in order to minimize the ratio between weight and working load.

Dual Cam Earth Wire Gripper

Features :for sagging of earth wires and adjustment of guy wires

Universal Gripper

Uses:suitable for steel wire, aluminum wire,ACSR andinsulated conductor

Aluminium Alloy Conductor Gripper

Uses :applied to adjusting sag in erecting wire and sagging .
Features: the product is forged of highstrength Aluminium alloy ,compact and lightweight .

Insulated Conductor Gripper

Feature :Adopted serpentine and wavy jaw,positive grip and excellent protective to the insulation .

Anti Twist Steel Rope Gripper

Uses: applied to grip anti-twist steel rope.
Feature :single V type clipper gap. two sideload symmetry acting force ,lighten weight .
Notes :please writing clearly the detailspecification of anti-twist wire rope .

Bolt Type Round Steel Rope Gripper

Uses: applicable to round strand wirerope .

Notes: tighten compression nut reiterativelyto satisfy the set torque

Bolt Type Radial Locking Clamp

Uses :can be usedin large section conductor and long span high tensioning construction occasion, protect conductor effectively
Rated load :150kN
The diameter ofapplicable conductor range :Φ37~Φ45mm(should confirm the diameter ofconductor before proceeding production )
Tighten moment ofcompression bolt : 120N.m
Weight :50kg.
Notes:the aluminiumliner is replaceable

Radial Locking Grip

Uses: Apply to OPGW construction.
Features: The main body is made of aluminum alloy and it can protect the OPGW effectively. 
Specification: OPGW diameter is need to indicated when customer place order item “0123”.
Notes: please notethe OPGW diameter while purchasing



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