Locatable Traceable Detectable Duct Rodders

Traceable Duct Rodder containing metal lines, can be used to detect equipment easily detect the direction of the pipeline, as well as the location of the Traceable Duct Rodder .
We can generate the Traceable Duct Rodder has two kinds, one is to be able to carry the monitoring function, one kind is the individual tracking function. The difference between the two is that with a probe into the function of a video wire inside, and a power cable, you can head the head to install the head, in order to view the situation in the pipeline. A bare copper wire can be used to locate and track the position of the Traceable Duct Rodder in a single probe function.

The traceable duct rodders are available in 8mm-16mm diameter. Detectable duct rods are used to find, follow and accurately map the duct route without digging or trenching. The traceable duct rod is used in conjunction with both a signal transmitter and a receiver. The easily identifiable signal is transmitted along the entire length of the duct rod.
The  traceable duct rod has an 18 AWG copper wire, almost twice the size of the competition, in the center of the fiberglass core. The copper wire is also connected to the end fittings so the transmitter leads can make a direct connection to the copper wire. The female end fitting provides the attachment point for the transmitter's lead connection. The other transmitter lead is connected to a stake driven into the earth. The direct connection of the signal to the copper wire provides the most effective method of signal transmission.
Rod  diameter:φ6mm,φ8mm,φ9mm,φ10mm,φ11mm,φ12mm,φ13mm,φ14mm,φ15mm,φ16mm.
Rod length:80m,100m,120m,150m,200m,250m,300m,350m,400m,500m.

Product introduction

Product specification
Which is the right rod diameter for any given application? The rod selection is usually governed by several factors including:
The size of ducting it is to be pushed through The distance the rod is to be pushed,The number and tightness of bends in the ducting,If the ducting is already occupied by cable.
We offer various sizes of duct rodders. Rod diameters includes 4.5mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm,10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm. Each rod diameter has its optional length.

Rod Selection
When being pushed through the duct, any rod will tend to form “sine waves”, hitting the wall of the duct at certain intervals.
Each time the rod comes in contact with the wall of the duct, it causes friction. The friction will build and eventually prevent the rod from being pushed any further. Small rod in large duct will make more frequent contact with the ducting; the same rod in smaller duct will make less frequent contact and therefore less friction so it can be pushed further. Large rod in small ducting is a good situation, but reduced flexibility of the rod may cause increased friction in the tighter bends

We can offer different colors of Duct Rodder to meet the needs of different customers.

We can provide customers with a series of tags, and can according to customer's requirements, printing all kinds of text or tag.

Product packaging
We provide customers with a variety of products, such as the transport of packaging styles, such as wooden box packaging, linear packaging, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

We also posted some of the details of the package on our website, if you have a special request, please inform us when ordering.

Duct Rodders Home Fibe Cage
Threader stents welded by seamless steel tube, surface embalmed. Stent surface was galvanized or electrostatic spray processing. Bar cage structure has tube or flat iron two kinds of structure, can be selected according to the demand of customers. Stent was equipped with steel brake handle, under the stent was installed with very stable castor. According to the length of the threader and customer needs, we can provide a variety of sizes and styles of stents, customers can choose the color of stent also.

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