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Product Introduction

winch is set up high-voltage transmission lines and laying of aerial construction machinery underground cables, smooth, convenient for Tower Group legislature, set up guide (land) lines, lifting, pulling in a variety of complex conditions. Motor cutter grinding widely used in electricity, telecommunications line construction group established tower or motor actinomycetes, also in place for lifting and pulling heavy objects, suitable for field sites without electricity, the use of flexible construction, docks and so on. The experiments and field practice has proved that with a reasonable structure, small size, light weight, utilitarian large, flexible operation, easy handling, etc., the majority of electric power, telecommunications operators welcome. Motor cutter grinding force divided by diesel powered winch and winch motor gasoline.

Work principle

The winch transforms electric energy into mechanical energy through the motor1, which is rotor of the motor moves, outputs, and then through the brake 2, and the reducer 3 reduces speed to rotate the reel 4. The reel winds the wire rope and passes through pulley block to make the hook lift the load Q, and transforms mechanical energy into mechanical work finishing transportation, load and unload of heavy weights.


1.Small Volume & Compact Structure. 2.Light Weight,
3.Easy to Transport. 4.High Efficiency, 5.Save Labor.
6.Widely Used,pulling,hoisting,lifting and so on. 7.Safe & Reliable,Interlock Brakes System.

Type JJ Winch

Type JJ Winch data

Type JJM Winch

Type JJM Winch data

50KN Double Drum Fast Speed Winch

50KN Double Drum Fast Speed Winch data

Cable drum winch

Cable drum winch data

Operation methods

1:before turning on the machine,you must turn on the clutch first and put the racker for crosspiece-changing in the zero position
2:when moving the crosspiece,you should be quick.Otherwise the brake won’t work well.when
turning on the machine,you shouldn’t work too fiercly
3:when changing the crosspiece position,you must turn on the clutch.Otherwise the gear will be damaged.After that,you should check whether the changing job is well done.Make sure you haven’t changed two crosspieces in one time.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:wooden case
Delivery Detail:Shipped in 10 days after payment

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